Kinescope Gallery in collaboration with Fillmore Projects is pleased to announce the opening of DRIFTERS, a solo exhibition by Molly Schwartz which opens December 1st. Viewable from the street daily from 4pm - 9pm, DRIFTERS is an installation depicting an animated, migratory world—an alternate look at human movement, property, ownership, and the fictional possession of space. 

Comprised of a projection onto the large four-paned gallery window, with luminescent line drawings on the walls behind, Schwartz creates figures that are in perpetual motion, drifting toward an unseen destination. There is a redundancy to these forms, projected in a window, in a building, on a block, within a grid, in a city. The bodies, as well as our own bodies, are removed from this replicating series of straight lines. Permanence is the fiction, impermanence is the reality/fact.

DRIFTERS questions how we possess the spaces in which we live and what makes one place any different from any other. Floor plans are arranged in rectangles and squares and, whether large or small, we all reside within these boxes. We move from box to box, repeating the pattern. These movements mark significant transitions in our lives and inform our autobiographies. We fill our rectangles with ourselves, but these situations could give rise to untenable conditions. At any given moment we may face eviction or foreclosure; or other unforeseeable circumstances such as fire, flood, and earthquakes—sheer physical phenomena over which we have no control, leaving only an outline devoid of individuality.  

Molly Schwartz runs her own production studio in Brooklyn, creating animation, interactive installations, drawings, paintings, visual effects, and code for public art installations, site-specific projection, and documentary film. She earned her Masters in visual programming and physical computing at NYU's ITP, with a Dean's Fellowship and was awarded a post-graduate Research Residency. For more information about exhibitions and commissions go to

The exhibition is viewable from the sidewalk daily 4-9pm from December 1st, 2018 through January 6th, 2019. 

DRIFTERS has been curated by Fillmore Projects for Kinescope Gallery. For press inquiries and for appointments please contact

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